Im in misery

so take it easy on me


Everyone is on it.
Everyone. In the more than 20 years since it
was founded - and now - daily life just could not
be managed without it. Sure, it started
innocently enough. Connect with your friends,
post your pics, keep up with the fam. Yeah, that
was then.
It wasn’t too long before they started adding
features. Adding value they called it. Extending
your circle. Enabling you they’d say. Yeah, in
the same way a spiders web is beautiful. The
pattern and symmetry, glistening like shiny
gossamer art. Its beauty pulls you in - you don’t
realize at first as you touch it, that it sticks. No,
more than sticks - you become imbued with it.
The more you move it wraps around you,
encasing you… entombing you. For the data-
mining black widow to come and suck the
marketable value right out of you, your
connections… every aspect of your life is now a
Classified, organized, tagged, sorted, tracked,
pegged, followed, poked, monetized, labeled…
owned is what you are. A commodity. A small
spec among 3.5 billion in the user base of the
That’s what it was these days… just simply ‘the
Everyone knows - everyone is aware. They are
all in the book. Not even a page, or a word
either… more like a letter. A single letter. An
iconographic digital hologram of the total sum
of your parts - all wrapped up real nice in a
uniform singular profitable little package called
your user profile. Displayed and viewed and
consumed and tracked billions of times over.
With more than thirty trillion page views per
month, the cancerous blue and white digital
encapsulation of the human soul was now
blazoned across innumerable screens as nearly
half the worlds population interacted on the
book - more than 20% of the worlds population
on the book at any given moment.
A study, one of the countless to be sure, said
that now more than 90% of real human
interactions occurred through the book. What
does that even mean anymore… real? Real
human interactions? Through the book? how is
that even possible.
It was no wonder that in the last few years the
backlash has switched to resisting this
unexpected strangle-hold on the human
condition. Most never saw it coming… happily
going along with every new feature update,
privacy change, “enhancement”. MZ was
repeating himself a lot these days… except his
frame of reference had gotten bigger… along
with his security detail…. Where years ago, the
book was likened to that which only came along
to change humans interactions every 100
years… now his statements were 10 fold. MZ
thinks of himself as the embodiment of the
singularity… whatever that means. Some
fucking fantasy of a long dead cybervisionary
that couldn’t recognize the makings of our
current prison I’m sure.
Looking around looks a lot more like binary
slavery than any form of singularity. None of
our old problems have been solved - in fact the
book has only made things worse. After it
became a “platform for governance and
outreach” we, people like - those who really see,
knew. We knew what this meant. Game
This era of hyper connectivity and ultra social
awareness was supposed to usher in some sort
of Utopian orgasm — one in which MZ would be
carried on the shoulders of the masses to stand
next to fantastical human saviors like Jesus.
Fictional allusions to stellar bodies be damned!
The only problem is that most of the world is
too busy. Feeding their attention into the black
hole of the book to notice… or care I guess.
With ubiquitous access thanks to the
assimilation of the largest global fiber network a
few years ago, the book was now able to offer
complete and total “free” access via the
acquired goog-net.
Years ago, when Athena rolled out - it was a
huge success. Welcomed into every
neighborhood - direct, very high speed fiber
access in every home was quickly made into a
“right”. The model was seen as our manifest
destiny, held in a 62-micron translucent hair
that fed us with more 1’ and 0’s to each person
in a single day than the entire digital output of
the globe in 1999.
Such an umbilical cannot be bad right!
The only problem is we misjudged the direction
of the flow!
Now, with goog-net reaching everywhere, but
the book being the only lens into the tubes —
our minds are warped. We are a most
technically advanced - yet wholly dependant
child-like civilization.
A mutant.
If its not on the platform. Not “in the book” they
say — how can it be trusted - how could it
succeed? How can you expect to be relevant?

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